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An African safari adventure at Macatoo does not have to involve horses and we can easily cater for non-riding spouses, partners, friends and children. Indeed, many of our riding guests like to have time away from the saddle and take advantage of the wide range of other activities on offer.

Game drives offer the opportunity to track and photograph birds and big game in stunning settings. Going out in our open top safari vehicles at dawn or dusk provide the best chances of seeing wildlife on the move, hunting, feeding, drinking or roosting.

The arrival of the floods, usually around May, brings with it the unique chance to explore the Delta by water, on a motorboat, and Macatoo has its own jetty. Many guests are lucky enough to arrive in camp from the airstrip by boat.

The mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe which is navigated through the waters by a skilled poler, offers the most romantic way to view the Delta at this special time of year. The tranquillity and silence of the journey enables guests to feel at one with nature and see at close quarters how the animals and birds adapt to their ever-changing environment.

Fishing, from boat or land, is a hugely popular pastime with both riding and non-riding guests. We have access to a wide range of beautiful fishing spots where guests cast between water lilies and wallowing hippos. The challenge is not only to get a fish to bite, but land it before it is snatched from the line by swooping fish eagles and kingfishers.

But perhaps it is only from the air that one can really appreciate the diversity and vastness of the Okavango Delta. Helicopter flights, which take off and land in front of camp, offer not only the chance to see vast herds of elephant an buffalo but a bird’s-eye view of the entire eco-system and a better understanding of this unique miracle of nature.


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