Our horses

Macatoo’s string of horses are as well looked after as their guests. Each horse – they are all boys – is recognised and appreciated for his unique ability and personality and every effort is made to match him with the most suitable rider. Our guests rotate between two or three horses during their time with us to ensure that each animal is given time to recover between rides. We have Thoroughbreds, Namibian Hanoverians, Percherons and Kalahari-Arab crossbreeds ranging between 14hh and 18hh (140-180cm).

With nearly 50 horses in the barn, all schooled and well-mannered, we are able to ensure every one is fully fit and rested with downtime out in the paddocks to give our guests the best possible ride.

One of the most popular spectacles at Macatoo is the sight of the resting horses galloping home from their mobile paddocks each afternoon.


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