Meet the horses

16.3hh, YOB 2012. Chestnut Namibian Warmblood
Alpha is a lovely horse, with his ears always pricked towards the game. He is super friendly. good ride for experienced riders.

15.1hh, YOB 2010, Piebald Namibian Horse
Atlas joined us from Namibia. He’s forward going with a fun personality.

14.3hh, YOB 2014, Dapple Grey Local Horse
Babalase is a handsome small horse. He’s perfect for the smaller experienced rider and is often used as a lead.

16.1hh, YOB 2013, Dark Bay, Namibian Warmblood
Betelguese has become known, is a lovely forward going horse. He is a favourite lead horse.

16.3hh, YOB 2001, Bay Friesian X Saddlebred, from the Brandberg mountain in Namibia
Brandberg is handsome, easy to ride and has a generous nature.

15.1hh, YOB 2005, Grey Local Horse from Maun
A sweet natured horse with comfortable paces, Charlie is very photogenic and is used for both guests and as a lead.

16.1hh, YOB 2015, Bay, Namibian Warmblood
Centaur is an easy going, good natured young horse.

15.2hh, YOB 2011, Bay, Namibian Warmblood
Cuenene, is a very pretty horse, he’s perfect for a calm experienced rider with soft hands.

15.3hh, YOB 2009, Grey, Namibian Arab X
A smart horse, Danny is very quick thinking and is good for leading.

16.1hh, YOB 2011 , Bright Bay Namibian Warmblood
Eillion is a very smart looking horse. He has a lovely smooth canter and is super for experienced riders.

16hh, YOB 2014, Bay Namibian Warmblood
A handsome horse, Emmerson is mainly used for the back-up riders.

15.2hh, YOB 2012, Bay Namibian Warmblood
Erunga is very relaxed with the game, a reliable horse that knows his job.

16.1hh, YOB 2014. Chestnut Zimbabwean TB
Frenchie has a relaxed attitude and has quickly become a favourite. He always has his ears pricked.

16.2hh, YOB 2004, Friesian X from Namibia
A beautiful black horse with a very smooth canter, Guinness is a very safe ride and a great confidence builder for nervous riders.

16.1hh, YOB 2012, Bay Namibian Warmblood
Harare is a smart looking horse. He’s calm around the game and always has his ears pricked. He loves a fuss.

15.1hh, YOB 2010, Grey Nambian Arab X
Hoff is from the same yard as Danny. He’s an easy going ride, with a strong personality.

15hh, YOB 2018, Dark Brown Namibian Warmblood
A very well put together young horse, Houdini has a story to tell.

16.1hh, YOB 2017, Skewbald Namibian Warmblood
Striking young horse. He will give an experienced rider a great ride.

16hh, YOB 2015, Dark Bay Zimbabwean TB
JC is very alert, always spotting the game, with comfortable big paces, and an easy going nature. He’s sure to look after his rider.


16hh, YOB 2015, Dark Brown Zimbabwean TB
Mainstay’s smart looking, kind horse. He loves to look at the game and has many fans.

15.3hh, YOB 2018, Bay Namibian Warmblood
Fast becoming a guest favourite, with easy paces and a sweet nature.

15.1hh YOB 2003. Chestnut, Boerperd
A very nice and forward going horse, Mapula is great fun, but needs a confident and sensitive rider.

16.2hh YOB 2011, Flea-bitten . Chestnut Namibian Warmblood
Marco is distinguishable from his full brother by his white socks. He is often used by the back-ups and is best suited to very experienced riders.

15hh, YOB 2013, Bay SA Warmblood.
A smart looking small warmblood, Masisi has real presence. He has theeky, fun attitude and is already a firm favourite.

16hh, YOB 2011, Black Friesian X
Max is a very calm, sensible horse with a lovely outlook. He is a favourite!

15hh, YOB 2014, Grey Local Horse
Milky Way is a good-looking horse. He doesn’t like too much fuss but is a super lead horse.

16.1hh, YOB 2018, Dark Bay Namibian Warmblood
Mohembo, very nice relaxed horse, with comfortable paces and a kind nature.

14.3hh, YOB 2012. Chestnut Local Horse
Mokoko has a theeky personality, for a small horse there’s a lot of speed there.

15.3hh, YOB 2005, Bay from Cape Town
A handsome horse, Murray is Mod’s favourite;. He’s very enthusiastic and poses beautifully for photos!. He’s generally used as a lead horse.

16.3hh, YOB 2011, Dark Brown Namibian Warmblood
Nkosi is big and handsome, very relaxed with lovely paces. He goes nicely for experienced guests.

15.2hh, YOB 2008, Grey Arab Cross from Ghanzi
A good looking horse, Nxabega is very responsive and requires a light, confident rider.

15hh, YOB 2008, Bay, Arab X
Orapa is a kind little horse, with a big heart. He is a comfortable ride with a great turn of foot.

16.2hh, YOB 2011 , Flea-bitten . Chestnut Namibian Warmblood
Polo is Marco’s full brother. very handsome horse. He’s working well as a lead horse.

16.3hh, YOB 2013, Liver Chestnut Zimbabwean TB
Rambo is very affectionate and likes a cuddle. He’s a straight forward ride, but requires soft, light hands.

16hh, YOB 2013, Bay Zimbabwean TB
Rocky is Rambo’s best friend!Very easy going. He takes everything on safari in his stride.

16.1hh, YOB 2002, Bay Warmblood
An extremely talented and very popular forward-going horse who needs an experienced rider.

16hh, YOB 2014, Dark Bay Zimbabwean TB
A real ladies man, Seabiscuit has lovely smooth paces and is calm with the game.

15hh, YOB 2013, Dark Brown Local Horse
A pretty local horse, Sembai knows his joband has many admirers wanting to take him home!

15.3hh, YOB 2011, Bay Namibian Warmblood
Seretse is a full brother to San. He’s as popular as San, very sweet natured and enjoys safaris as much as his brother.

16hh, YOB 2015. Chestnut South African TB
Seru is an ex-racehorse, who has turned his hoof to safari.. He’s calm and relaxed, but obviously there is a lot of acceleration there!

15.1hh, YOB 2005, Dapple Grey Per. Heron Cross from Cape Town
Skimmer is very handsome, brave and forward-going.. He is best suited to experienced riders and is often a lead horse.

15.2hh, YOB 2015, Bright Bay Zimbabwean TB
Skyss is proving to be a comfortable, straight forward ride. He has a fun character and loves attention.

15.1hh, YOB 2012, Skewbald Namibian Horse
Sparrow is a very striking horse. He is calm with game and a fun ride for a light, experienced rider.

14.2hh, YOB 2013, Bay Local Horse
Stoop is a very sweet natured local horse, that definitely won’t be left behind by his larger friends.

15.2hh, YOB 1999. Chestnut Namibian Thoroughbred
A speedy horse that has a great temperament, Thakadu is very friendly and loves people (particularly those with food)

16.2hh, YOB 2013, Black Namibian Warmblood
Windhoek is a very calm horse. He takes everything in his stride.

14.2hh, YOB 2008. Chestnut Arab cross, bred in. He sands of the Kalahari
A stunning little horse, Xigira is forward going and very responsive. He performs best with a calm, confident and experienced rider.

15.2hh, YOB 2010. Chestnut Namibian Arab X
Zaron is a speed machine. He’s very good looking and suits a calm, very experienced rider with soft hands.

15.3hh, YOB 2003, Dark Bay Boerperd
A forward going, sensible ride with lots of personality. Zorba is truly versatile being able to lead as well as being a great guest horse.

16.2hh, YOB 2012, Black Namibian Warmblood
Zulu is a sweet natured horse with a lot of presence. He likes a calm, confident, soft handed rider. He is mainly used as a lead horse.



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